About Us

Human Inclusive is a podcast that curates stories of diverse communities amplifying voices and experiences of marginalized communities.

On this podcast our co-hosts, Christopher Guest and Lia James, dive into conversations with allies around the world. You’ll hear them talk about the stigmas and challenges that need to be addressed, about what happens when you risk it all for the betterment of other people, and the outcomes of tenacity and perseverance.

Each episode evaluates systemic issues in the workplace that affect disadvantaged or underserved communities to extract learnings that can be used to better include communities outside of your own. They take a peek into the lives of Human Inclusive’s allies as they share their experiences in an effort to help communities build empathy and compassion for coexistence.

The Human Inclusive team wants to empower each of you to show up as an ally daily. Join Lia and Christopher to learn together how everyone can be part of the change we want to see.


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